2021. Volkshaus Hotel, streamed live in situ, for ACT-performance Festival, Basel, Switzerland.
Performance over sound piece of own modulated voice, techno & cumbia.

Performance sobre pieza sonora de propia voz modulada, tecno y cumbia.


(Put play, the sound will start in 30 seconds. Take of your face with your hands. Recount a story, her story, it starts with: )

She took an emergency flight.

(The sound recounts money extortion, how you have boxes of books, slutty clothing, and cheap decoration. The voice is low, not-human.

Enumerate decoration: holographic tropical cardboard pictures, and a comic eye inside of a yellow ball filled with goo, art books a lot of them, art catalogues, cesar aira's books, mishima's work, big paper for watercolor, a hot pink top, with a zipper on the front, laced colorful panties a bag full of them, ugly big weirdly shaped sneakers.
You are sitting comforable in front of the computer, talking to it. The story repeats parts of it self, sometimes you follow with your mouth movements, sometimes you stay still or continue with just one phonema.
Eventually, the voice is silenced and very hard cumbia, or a mix between cumbia and acid techno starts. Get of the chair, move. Destroy the room.
Three pieces of music play, for around 5 minutes in total. Use up your energy. Throw things out of the bed, take off your clothes.
The voice starts talking again. For contrast, it tells them about your decoration: dead bugs, a pomegranade standing there for weeks not rotten.
Go to the bathroom, the web-cam can not follow you. Stay away a little while. Start making the bed when you come back, put your t shirt again.
The voice starts again but now it's your voice, pitched higher than before. No reverb. Do not mimic what it is saying. Instead, start putting your ten fingers in your mouth, one by one.
This part lasts around 5 minutes, do not let your fingers go out of your mouth even if you feel sick, even if you are drooling. One by one. Start singing. Try more fingers, until it’s almost your fist and one or two fingers on the other hand. You are probably gagging by now, saliva pouring down. The text ends with:

All of her ugly stuff mixed with my dead things.

Uphold your sticky fingers, say thank you.

Sound piece

Photos by Christian Knörr, Institut Kunst HGK FHNW